Within the SVMBS, I team teach Animal Physiology I and II (VMED 645 and 646) for veterinary and graduate students with Dr. Renee McFee. I previously taught Human Physiology, Animal Physiology, and Reproductive Physiology for undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Central Missouri. 

Students still learning in lab during the 2020 pandemic

Ryan and Cameron counting respiration rate in their rat

Dan (Physiology Technician) and Gabby recording volume from the fish respirometer 

Tuck counting red blood cells with new LCD touchscreen microscopes and a hemocytometer

Preparing for another fun Animal Physiology lab!

Students collecting water samples to measure oxygen consumption of fish

Reagan and her lab mates setting up for the GI lab

Students preparing for a mega group quiz!

Ashly, Amber and Miranda hooking up their earthworm GI tract to the force transducer.

Human Physiology students analyzing urine osmolarity


Cool video of blood flow through a capillary bed 

Scholarship of Teaching

I am also interested in pedagogy research. Information about previous pedagogy projects is available here and here.