M.S. student, Nicole Nordell (center, front row), received a Life Sciences Fellowship from the UNL Agricultural Research Division. Congrats Nicole!

Jackie Shelton, M.S. student and research technician, received an award for best poster presentation at the Gilbert S. Greenwald Symposium on Reproduction in Kansas City, KS! Congrats Jackie!

Nicole presenting her cool data at SSR in 2023!

Nicole and her beautiful immunofluorescence of the pig testis localizing GATA-4!

Nicole Nordell (1st Place) and Sushmita Kumari (2nd Place) both won travel awards for their excellent presentations in the 1st annual SVMBS Graduate Student Presentation Competition!

Pig work Spring 2023!

Nicole Nordell (middle) won an NPOD award for her poster on lactocrine programming of the testis!

The team spring 2023!

Steven and Carlene, both UCARE students, presented posters at the UNL Undergraduate Research Fair!

The Desaulniers lab helped the White lab celebrate Ginger's retirement after 49 years at UNL!! We will miss you Ginger!

Nicole Nordell presented cool data at the 19th annual Greenwald Symposium!

Two pig enthusiasts! Dr. Desaulniers pictured with her son, Ben.

Nicole presenting some of our cool mouse data at the Society for the Study of Reproduction (SSR) in Spokane, WA!

Most of the Nebraska crowd at the Society for the Study of Reproduction (SSR) in Spokane, WA!

Nicole and the team tube feeding different milk diets to baby pigs!

This one was falling asleep!

Our pig milking efforts were featured on the PPVM Facebook page!

Rebecca Metcalf, Pre-Vet student, helping us collect milk!

Alyssa Gunning, Vet student, helping us collect milk!

Carlene presenting her work at the 2022 UNL Undergraduate Research Fair!

Steven presenting his research at the 2022 UNL Undergraduate Research Fair!

Researchers hard at work during the COVID-19 pandemic!

Green fluorescence in seminal plasma of CMV-ZsGreen1 boars (left) compared to littermate control boars (right).

Amber with one of her many mice.

Megan (middle) presenting her research with Caitlin Ross (left) at the 2019 Gilbert S. Greenwald Symposium on Reproduction.

Drs. Amy Desaulniers and Dana Tucker staying warm during the 2019 UCM homecoming parade. 

A beautiful set of kidneys painted by a student as part of a "creative works in physiology" assignment.

Megan made the front page of the 2019 UCM McNair Journal!

Another cool "creative work in physiology" made by a UCM student!

ASCI 250 students helped us collect 2 L of sow milk!

GLLoE Swine Line (GnRHR-II Lowered Levels of Expression) produced in Desaulniers et al. 2017. 

Beautiful student painting of the male reproductive tract!

Me attempting a selfie with the Fall 2019  Human Physiology class.

Morgan performing her sperm morphology analysis.

Rickie showing off her lab skills. 

Megan with her porcine sperm samples.